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25G/50G Ethernet Specification Released

February 3, 2017 By Steve Senne in

Following its initial successful 25G/50G Ethernet interoperability “plugfest”, the 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium has released its 25/50G Ethernet specification to the public.

25G/50G Ethernet Interop Plugfest host University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) reported a record turnout for the event. Representatives from 16 companies attended the week-long event to demonstrate and test the interoperability of their next-gen, super-fast Ethernet software, devices and equipment in a wide variety of multi-vendor scenarios under stressed operating conditions.

Test results demonstrated a high degree of multi-vendor interoperability and conformance to emerging 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium specs, UNH-IOL highlights in a press release.

The results from this plugfest fall in line with industry requirements and expectations for Ethernet-based solutions, the interop research lab and test bed said.

“This is an encouraging sign as testing ensures vendors’ conformance to a single standard and the success at the plugfest demonstrates its maturity,” commented Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research. “Ultimately this helps drive advanced network performance, enables the development of new innovation and benefits consumers and the industry as a whole.”

25G/50G Ethernet Specification

Highlights of the new 25G/50G Ethernet spec include:

  • Interoperability between vendors including adapters, switches, test and measurement devices, and interconnects
  • Proving advanced infrastructure connectivity
  • Plug and play multi-vendor compatibility
  • Successful auto-negotiation
  • Support for both forward and backward compatibility

“In order to handle the increasing amount of data, server architectures all too often require multiple 10G ports. 25G Ethernet arrives just in time and has started its climb towards dominance as the leading server-to-ToR switch interconnect,” added Vittal Balasubramanian, chair of the 25G/50G Ethernet Interop Committee and Dell Principal Signal Integrity Engineer, in a press release.  

Those interested can download the plugfest, as well as the new 25G/50G Ethernet technical spec via UNH-IOL’s website.

Looking ahead, the 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium is planning follow-on interop events, including opportunities to evaluate interoperability between the consortium’s specification and IEEE Std. 802.3by™-2016.