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Forget Smartphones and Smart Homes, How About Smart Tatoos?

August 30, 2016 By Steve Senne in

Researchers from MIT and Microsoft are bringing cybernetics a step closer to reality. Microsoft Research and PhDs in MIT’s Media Lab have teamed up and created the world’s first ¨smart tattoo¨ according to a news report from Complex Media.

The joint research team has created what they call DuoSkin, a temporary ¨gold-leaf¨tattoo that initiates exchanges of data between wearers upon being rubbed together and enables them to control their smartphones with a touch of their index fingertips 

Those interested can create three types of DuoSkin e-tattoo interfaces: those initiated by touch, others via which information is displayed on the wearer’s skin, and others that exchange data via wireless communication.

Smart Tatoo Technology

The personalized, temporary e-tattoos are made from gold metal leaf, a cheap, safe and readily available material that is then attached to the skin. Resembling jewelry, the on-skin devices enable wearers to control connected mobile devices and store and display information on their skin, the research explains on the DuoSkin website.

Key to the process is learning how to design DuoSkin circuits, information that the research team provides and which can be done using any graphics software.

The MIT Media Lab-Microsoft Research team intends to introduce DuoSkin e-tattoos and technology at a wearables symposium next month.

One warning is particularly notable: DuoSkin wearers shouldn’t venture outside during thunderstorms.