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NOC Importance Grows as Carriers Shift to All IP Networks

As broadband carriers continue down the path to all IP networks, the importance of network operations centers (NOCs) grows. Reaching optimal performance for IP networks is critical as applications like video and the IoT require low latency and high performance, and NOCs give broadband carriers the visibility and management tools they need to achieve it.

Achieving optimal performance also includes ensuring external threats don’t impair the network. Cyber threats are on the rise and they target networks of all types, including carrier networks. According to cyber-attack statistics from, close to 17% of all cyber-attacks worldwide now target Internet service provider networks. Read more…


Network Monitoring & Management Service

Finley Active NOC© Service ensures you have around the clock proactive management of your network and critical servers with a staffed network operations center. Our staffed NOC monitors your equipment via proactive alerts for most common performance impacting conditions and failure events. Most often, the NOC can handle those conditions before they impact services. Even if the failure does impact services, the Finley Active NOC staff often will have begun troubleshooting and escalation before the first customer call. Finley Active NOC monitoring and management is of course fully customizable to your business case. Prior to engagement for network operations, Finley recommends a network assessment and documentation review prior to the engagement. Finley IP Services can provide a detailed assessment of your current service provide network architecture and implementation. At the end of the assessment Finley Engineering will deliver a detailed list of findings and recommendations, along with drawings of the current physical and logical architecture.

Learn more about Finley Engineering’s Active NOC services by downloading the fact sheetpdf-icon


Remote Monitoring & Management Service (RMM)

Finley Engineering IP Services Group provides managed services to clients who need
around-the-clock technical operations support for broadband subscribers. Your customers expect your services to be available at any time. But staffing and managing a proactive 24/7/365 NOC is a large  draw-down on margins for small and medium service providers, and a large expense for similarly sized  businesses too. Outsourcing support to the right team can save much of this cost without reducing the quality of your customer’s experience with your service. Finley has the right team.

Learn more about Finley’s Remote Monitoring Management Service by downloading the fact sheet. pdf-icon


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