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ATIS OS-IoT Software Library Will Support oneM2M

October 2, 2017 By Molly White in

ATIS — the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions — aims to make life easier for developers using its oneM2M platform by releasing a new Open Source Internet of Things (OS-IoT) software library. The ATIS OS-IoT library automates some of the fundamental processes underlying oneM2M.

“We heard a strong message from our members that maximizing the value of common technical platforms for the industry requires not just open standards, but Open Source implementations of those standards, and this is even more important to IoT,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller in a press release. “OS-IoT underscores ATIS’ commitment to Open Source and facilitating the wider industry adoption of open IoT solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Home, Smart Transport and other applications.”


A major threat to the success of the IoT, along with security, is fragmentation. If standardization work is slow or not done effectively, the world of the IoT could devolve into islands of connectivity with no or limited ability to communicate with each other.

The oneM2M initiative proposes a standard that is a “common, interoperable, platform for IoT systems, providing application-independent building blocks that fulfill the core tasks of data collection, management and distribution needed by IoT solutions.”

The OS-IoT library facilitates participation in oneM2M by providing a “resource oriented” API which includes one M2M building blocks. In short, developers are freed up from dealing with fundamental network and protocol application and therefore can concentrate more immediately and fully on the application that they are creating.

In March, 2016, ATIS unveiled Release 1 specs for machine-to-machine and IoT communications. This came a year after the release of the original version of the specs. The update included upgrades based on input from oneM2M’s first interop event.