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Business Survey: Cloud Migration Plans Call for 50% Shift by 2018

August 3, 2016 By Molly White in

Nearly seven in 10 IT and business executives (67%) believe that at least half of their organizations’ IT resources will be Cloud-based by 2018, according to a market research report about cloud migration plans from Unisys released Aug. 1. More than 4 in 10 respondents (44%) said they see more than 75% of IT resources being Cloud-based within two years. 

Reducing costs was cited by 63% of respondents to the cloud migration plans survey as the main motivation for allocating IT resources to the Cloud. Sixty-two percent said gaining on-demand access to additional computing capacity was the main benefit, Unisys highlights in a news release about “Trends in Cloud Computing: A Unisys and Microsoft Survey.¨

Cloud Migration Plans

Survey respondents are motivated to move to the cloud by various factors. The most commonly cited reason was to convert capital expenditures into operating expenditures. Other common motivators include freeing IT staff to do more high-value work (51%) and changing the perception of IT from being a cost center to a competitive advantage (33%).

Securing Cloud services and resources remains the main challenge even a decade after Cloud platforms were widely recognized as the primary platform for IT services, Unisys points out.

Respondents see growing use of Cloud IT platforms spawning organizational challenges as well. Sixteen percent of respondents cited lack of integration among multiple platforms as an operational challenge. Ten percent cited lack of cross-platform visibility.

CIOs are the primary drivers of Cloud adoption among their organizations’ C-suite execs, according to 72% of respondents. Security stood out as the biggest challenge to Cloud adoption, cited by 42%.

“This study shows that far-sighted CIOs have a clear view of the competitive, operational and economic benefits of cloud computing, and are taking energetic action to realize them for their organizations,” Unisys VP, Cloud and Infrastructure Services Steve Nunn was quoted as saying. “At the same time, those decision-makers are clear-eyed about the need to secure both existing IT and new cloud resources in order to protect vital business assets.”