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CSR Robots Forecast to Reach 23K by 2022

August 31, 2017 By Molly White in

The rise of the machines is getting started in earnest. There will be more than 23,000 robots deployed for customer service roles between last year and 2022, according to a customer service robots forecast from market research firm Tractica. The robots will generate $451 million in revenue, researchers said.

Customer Service Robots Forecast

“Fewer than 5 years ago, hardly anyone had seen or heard of robots in public and commercial spaces, as most of the developments were restricted to research labs,” said Tractica research analyst Manoj Sahi in a press release. “But now, despite real-world practical challenges, the customer service robot market has started to gain momentum. Understanding the tremendous opportunity in the service sector, companies are moving beyond R&D and prototypes and into commercial deployments.”

The report, entitled “Customer Services Robots,” predicts that almost half of the robots will be deployed in the Asia Pacific region. Significant growth also will be experienced in North America and Europe.

Robots could be useful in a variety of consumer sectors including banks, shopping malls, exhibitions and events, airports and countless others characterized by standardized and repetitive actions, researchers said. In addition to serving people quickly and without breaks, robots will provide marketers with “reference points” by which customer behavior can be tracked and analyzed, the researchers noted.

Security concerns about robotics are far more than fodder for sci-fi writers, however. Security firm IOActive said today that it found “major security flaws” in industrial and consumer robots. 

The vulnerabilities are serious. They can enable the robots to be turned into surveillance devices or even hijacked and used to harm people and property, IOActive said.