The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget the EPA’s proposed rule to review the Clean Power Plan.

The Trump Administration in March issued an Executive Order, entitled Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth. The order directed EPA to review, revise or repeal the Clean Power Plan. The draft rule over at OMB is one step in this process.

The OMB on June 8 posted on its website the receipt of the EPA proposed rule.

The OMB will spend the next 90 days conducting an interagency review of the proposal, as well as holding meetings with environmental and industry groups before the proposal is published in the Federal Register.

On May 12, the American Public Power Association told the EPA that many regulations issued by the agency in recent years are burdensome for electric utilities and have costs that outweigh their benefits.

Among the rules and regulations that the public power group said should be repealed or modified are the Clean Power Plan rules on carbon dioxide for existing power plants and for new, modified and reconstructed plants; effluent limitation guidelines for steam electric power plants; a rule on regional haze; and a rule on coal combustion residuals.

The Association submitted its May 12 comments in response to a Federal Register notice that the EPA published on April 13,  asking for input on which existing regulations should be repealed or modified, following an executive order issued by President Trump earlier this year.

The Clean Power Plan is also undergoing court review. The Supreme Court put the CO2 emission standards on hold pending court review in February 2016.