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FCC Releases ACAM Final Version and Starts 90-Day Clock

August 4, 2016 By Molly White in

On August 3rd, the FCC Wireline Competition Bureau released the final version of the ACAM cost model that establishes the model-based support available to rate-of-return carriers that elect to accept model-based support.  Carriers have until November 1, 2016 (90 days) to indicate, on a state-by-state basis, whether they elect to receive model-based support.  

This new and final model version reflects changes in support to hundreds of carriers with some to see model support increase while others see decreases. 

Read the FCC Public Notice in its entirety and also view the FCC prepared ACAM Offer map for more information.

In addition, the FCC announcement includes links for carriers to download and review the model results.   Access the FCC spreadsheet  which shows the buildout requirements and the number of “fully funded” locations and “capped locations.”