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Finley Clients Receive Broadband Infrastructure Grants

February 7, 2017 By Molly White in

Finley Engineering Company joins in celebration with our Minnesota clients receiving Broadband Infrastructure Grants.

The grants, totaling $34 million, are expected to provide affordable high-speed internet access to more than 16,000 households and 2,200 businesses throughout the state.

Finley’s team in our Slayton office worked diligently with Woodstock Telephone Company, Wikstrom Telephone Company, Sjoberg’s Inc., New Ulm Telecom, Inc. and Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company to carefully complete applications for broadband projects primarily in the southern half of the state. Of the nine applications submitted, eight received awards for projects with the collective award value of $5,556,499 (over 16% of the total for the state).

“This expansion of broadband that we are announcing today will level the playing field and expand education, health and job opportunities for thousands of Minnesotans. It’s not fair when almost 20 percent of Greater Minnesota households don’t have access to opportunity because they don’t have the same broadband connections as their friends and family in the cities,” said Lt. Governor Smith in a press release. “We are fixing this: since we started, $66 million in public investment has been matched by over $81.7 million in private funding. This expansion of broadband has connected doctors to patients, students to school, people to jobs, and farmers and businesses to data and markets around the world. Governor Dayton and I will continue to advocate for high speed, affordable, reliable internet access during the 2017 Legislative Session until everyone is connected.”

Finley has been involved in 19 MN grant applications over all 3 years that the state has offered this program, and is committed to continuing our efforts toward leveling the broadband playing field for residents and businesses in rural areas.