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Half of Businesses Have Plans to Use Cloud-Based Unified Communications

April 8, 2015 By Finley Engineering in

Many Finley clients are actively investigating or have already launched some form of unified communications for business customers. A report from HIS-Infonetics offers some insight into the thinking of business customers and may hold some promise for these applications.

Unified communications is set to shift to the cloud, according to new research from IHS-Infonetics. The researchers found that half of respondents at medium and large North American organizations expect to be use public or private cloud services to run at least some of their unified communications applications. As our clients continue to offer cloud services, this shift could mean more opportunities for hosted UC customers.

IHS-Infonetics delves into UC cloud applications in its “UC Cloud and On-Premises Strategies and Vendor Leadership: North American Enterprise Survey” report.

“Businesses continue to migrate their unified communications applications to the cloud, citing flexibility as the key reason,” IHS-Infonetics’ Principal Analyst for VoIP, UC and IMS Diane Myers was quoted in the press release. “Cloud solutions are inherently more flexible than premises-based solutions, offering businesses the ability to scale users up and down, centralize management, and deploy new features and applications quickly.”

Among the report’s key takeaways:

  • The number-one unified communications device used by respondent businesses is the smartphone, ahead of traditional computing devices such as laptop and desktop computers;
  • Web- and video-conferencing and text messaging are increasingly becoming part of businesses’ UC communication types, reflecting changing user behavior;
  • By early 2016, 93 percent of respondents plan to implement videoconferencing into their UC solution;
  • When choosing a unified communications supplier, enterprises surveyed ranked product reliability and technology innovation as the most important criteria;
  • When asked about their perceptions of unified communications vendors, respondent businesses rated Cisco highest in product reliability and Microsoft highest in technology innovation;
  • The most important criterion to survey respondents when selecting a cloud/hosted provider is security.