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IEEE Connected Car Task Force Created, 10 Exabytes Per Car/Month Expected

October 18, 2017 By Steve Senne in

Ethernet is the focus of a newly created IEEE connected car task force.The task force is aimed at creating the Standard for Ethernet Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for Greater Than 1 Gb/s Automotive Ethernet (P802.3ch), which technically is a joint project of the IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association.

IEEE Connected Car Task Force

“Ethernet standardization will enable rapid advancement in technologies such as driverless or assisted driving systems, and automotive infotainment,” Steve Carlson, chair of the IEEE P802.3ch Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Task Force and president of High Speed Design said in a press release. “We look forward to working collaboratively to build consensus on standards development that will meet the needs of all stakeholders.”

The standard that will emerge from the effort is aimed at all facets of automotive communications, including advanced driver assisted systems and infotainment systems. Managing the continually growing traffic to what by definition are moving targets is an issue that is getting a lot of attention. Several organizations in August formed The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium. The amount of data exchanged between vehicles and the cloud could exceed 10 exabytes per month by about 2025, the consortium noted. Founding members of the group are of DENSO, Ericsson, Intel, NTT, NTT DOCOMO, Toyota InfoTechnology Center and Toyota.

Connected automobiles is one of the hottest areas in telecommunications. There are huge issues related to the use of data in automobiles. Some groups say that directional and infotainment systems can distract drivers. A second challenge is protecting automobiles from hackers who could steal data and, potentially, disable or take over functions.  

In July, Globetouch and Verizon Telematics said that they would launch upgraded network solutions for use by General Motors subsidiary OnStar in its global expansion.