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IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture Could Be a Family Peacemaker

March 17, 2015 By Finley Engineering in

Family members who watch HGTV and read Dwell Magazine can sometimes be at odds with the technophiles with whom they share living space and who may be more concerned with keeping their cellphone charged than with what dangling cords do to room décor.

From Swedish furniture and household goods company IKEA comes a new line of furniture designed to keep the peace. Launched at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona in early March, the collection includes tables, desks and lamps which have wireless charging pads built into them.

An IKEA executive told the Wall Street Journal that in addition to addressing cable mess problems, the furniture also eliminates problems finding or losing traditional chargers.

Employing energy induction transfer, IKEA’s collection of wireless-device charging furniture is slated for introduction in Europe and North America on April 15. A global roll-out is to follow.

The wireless charging pads built into IKEA’s new range of furniture are based on the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi wireless power charging standard, one of three standards vying to become an industry-wide standard, WSJ notes. Three will soon become two, however.

The Power Matters Alliance (PMA), which provides wireless charging at Starbucks cafes in the U.S., and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP)announced they have signed a letter of intent to merge on January 15, 2015. IKEA furniture with built-in wireless charging pads will cost 20 euros ($22.39) extra.

Besides introducing a new range of furniture with wireless charging pads built in IKEA said it will sell wireless charging kits so that customers can retrofit their furniture with wireless charging capability. The kits are priced at 30 euros ($33.60).