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Finley pushes the boundaries of broadband network design and capabilities to uncover new product and service opportunities to optimize costs and drive revenue growth for our customers.

Better Broadband From Start To Finish With Finley

Whether you’re a rural electric cooperative, a municipality, telecommunications or another organization exploring fiber opportunities, your goal is the same: find the optimal way to bring high-speed broadband to your community, constituents or customers.  When you partner with Finley, you’ll experience an approach to network design and deployment that is as unique as your business. We don’t prescribe “one size fits all” solutions because every customer, territory, network and business case is unique, layered and nuanced. We take the time to ask questions and understand the entire landscape of your business needs and strategic direction, from your structure and tolerance for risk to unique requirements and expected outcomes. Then we work with you to find the best solution “fit” on all fronts: business, financial and technical.

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Webinar: The Next Big Thing in Wireless – CBRS Auction 105
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Lismore Case Study    

See how Finley Engineering partnered with Nobles County and Lismore Telephone to meet the growing need for Broadband in their community. 

Pope County Feasibility Study

The Value of Rural Electric Cooperatives


    • Exploring Rural Broadband Funding Options

      Closing the digital divide and bringing broadband to the underserved and unserved is a key priority for both state and federal policymakers all across the country. It’s an admirable goal and a costly one. Building and maintaining broadband infrastructure requires significant and ongoing investment.
      There are a range of available state and federal funding programs, utilizing subsidies, loans, and grants to assist service providers and other stakeholders in expanding the reach of broadband. Some of these programs enjoy a deep and rich history, while others are relatively new. This whitepaper explores these funding programs and provides background and context for them.

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    • Building Rural Broadband Success: A Case Study of Partnership With Pinnacle Telecom and Barry Electric Cooperative

      Expanding quality broadband access to all parts of rural America has become a critical public policy objective for the U.S. Broadband access is now considered a critical utility, equal to electricity or water, for any community, giving it a chance to participate and thrive in the global economy. Increasingly, rural electric cooperatives are seen as a necessary participant to help achieve this important objective.

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    • Considerations Before Initiating a Feasibility Study

      Support for broadband deployment in rural America continues to grow as evidenced by public meeting notices or a quick scan of the internet, Twitter and other social media. And according to the FCC, while public and private sector initiatives are growing in number, there still lacks enough advancement in closing the gap to conclude broadband is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion.

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