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Finley pushes the boundaries of broadband network design and capabilities to uncover new product and service opportunities to optimize costs and drive revenue growth for our customers.

Communicate with your world.

Finley Engineering provides integrated delivery of broadband network projects. Our comprehensive professional services design, update, and oversee construction of your fiber optic network from early conception through final implementation. Our consultants develop customized solutions to meet the needs required by today’s complex and advanced optical-based networks and services – fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), triple play services, 3G and 4G deployment and specialized regional wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). With a depth of knowledge working with operations and compliance, we rely on our experience working with local, state, and federal governments to navigate and comply with all laws and guidelines.

Learn more about our Broadband services below or contact our team of Broadband consultants who are ready start building a relationship that will help your organization succeed. Finley Engineering Broadband services include, but are not limited to:

• Fiber Build-Out
• Consulting
• Healthcare Connect Fund Consulting
• Approved MiCTA Vendor

Relationships are what really matter. Lasting relationships are built with honesty, integrity, commitment and consistency. It is our desire to use our knowledge, skills, and experience to develop lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial and lead to project success.

    • Unlike Previous Wireless Generations, 5G is Truly Transformational

      Over the past thirty years, we’ve seen many evolutions of wireless take place, and the ‘G’ term represents the generational change of technology. For example, the move to 3G from 2G represented a viable mobile data experience, allowing for the first viable data applications like multimedia messaging and web browsing on wireless devices. It was somewhat equivalent to moving from dial-up Internet to DSL service for wireline.

      In that regard, the move to 4G from 3G introduced a true mobile broadband experience, allowing us to watch TV on our smartphone for example. Most of the generational advances for wireless centered on better and faster mobile data experiences.

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    • Partnership Implications for Municipal Broadband

      A growing number of municipals and local government affiliated entities are exploring the role of broadband in their respective communities. Many are choosing to facilitate the upgrade of existing networks or even building and operating new broadband networks. This whitepaper outlines and discusses this growing trend and offers insight into potential partnership opportunities presented to existing broadband service providers.

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    • IP Networks: Are You Ready?

      As broadband networks continue to migrate away from older technology such as copper and transition to new solutions like wireless and fiber to the home, the industry and our customers are realizing more exciting new opportunities for IP network services than ever before.

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