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Experts In Broadband Funding Assistance for Rural America


Need help with next steps for building or upgrading a future-ready, high-speed broadband network? Whether you’re a rural electric cooperative, a municipality, telecommunications or another organization exploring broadband opportunities, your goal is the same: find the optimal way to bring high-speed broadband to your community, constituents or customers.

Broadband networks in rural areas take a significant amount of capital but aren’t always supported by a business case. Rural communities with the need for better broadband coverage now have an opportunity with State and Federal funding programs. Competition for these funds is fierce and these unique programs have varying requirements for completion and submission. In situations like these, you need to turn to the experts. 

Since 1953, Finley Engineering has been a leader in providing consulting and engineering services to broadband providers and electric cooperative utilities exploring broadband across the US.  Our services are end-to-end, helping companies from the initial feasibility study through to the implementation of a project. If you find yourself asking the following questions, Finley can help. 

  • What is my strategy for building or expanding a network?
  • Does it make sense to enter the marketplace?
  • How do I make an informed decision; is a feasibility study my first step?
  • How much is the required capital investment?
  • What is my return on investment?
  • How do I pay for the network?

We are your partners for the long haul, with you every step of the way. You wouldn’t build a house without a set of blueprints and a new broadband business wouldn’t move forward without a strategic plan to implement and execute an end goal. 
Finley’s experienced professionals can help you navigate this complex landscape.  

Let us help you to take it to the next level and create opportunities for economic growth and improved quality of life. Contact one of our experts for more information.


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