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For over 60 years we’ve been serving our valued business partners, and during this time there have been many advances in the industries we serve. One thing that has remained constant is our dedication and the trustworthiness of our employees in providing innovative and professional service. We’ve highlighted that commitment and the proven results in the projects below. before-you-dig-web

Finley Clients Receive Broadband Infrastructure Grants

Finley Engineering Company congratulates our Minnesota clients receiving Broadband Infrastructure Grants.

The Minnesota grants, totaling $34 million, are expected to provide affordable high-speed internet access to more than 16,000 households and 2,200 businesses throughout the state.

Finley’s team in our Slayton office worked diligently with Woodstock Telephone Company, Wikstrom Telephone Company, Sjoberg’s Inc., New Ulm Telecom, Inc. and Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company to carefully complete applications for broadband projects primarily in the southern half of the state. Of the nine applications submitted, eight received awards for projects with the collective award value of $5,556,499 (over 16% of the total for the state).

Finley has been involved in 19 MN grant applications over all 3 years that the state has offered this program, and is committed to continuing our efforts toward leveling the broadband playing field for residents and businesses in rural areas.

HBC (Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc.) Dan Pecarina, CEO

Finley has assisted HBC, a CLEC provider of voice/data/video services in their FTTH deployments in 10  Minnesota communities ranging in size to several hundred passings to over 10,000 passings.  Finley’s services to HBC included the full list of services required for a CLEC FTTH deployment in several of the communities.  Finley’s services for the remaining communities consist of network design, construction type and material recommendations, construction print creation, permitting, project problem resolution, and as-built record creation.

Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU) Brad Roos, General Manager Marshall, Minnesota

Since 2005 Finley Engineering has assisted Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU) in the planning, budgeting and implementation of municipal utility owned fiber network.  Beginning with the review of their network in 2005 and assessment of future needs Finley has assisted MMU in the progressive build out of their network to the present to serve the current and future needs of their municipal utility and their public entity partners in the local area.  MMU offers dark fiber connections to public entity partners (State, County, City Public School) along with serving a local anchor institution.  Finley provides project management, contract administration and implementation of the MMU fiber optic network and expansion projects.  The fiber network is owned by the Municipal Electric Utility and it serves their own electrical substations, water, sewer facilities as well as other public facilities.  There has been multiple projects implemented over the years and most all were on schedule and within budget.  


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