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Finley is an independent provider of energy engineering services. We know the future of energy systems and have the expertise to deliver proven methods for reducing utility costs, and accurate techniques for estimating project costs and energy savings.

Power to the people.

Energy transmission and distribution is at the core of Finley Engineering’s success. For over 65 years, our engineers have taken pride in designing, engineering, and overseeing construction of electrical power systems to serve customers in the 21st century. Our professional designers, engineers, and project managers do not have predetermined solutions for your complex energy needs.  We listen to your concerns and explore all options to create a customized engineering solution that will work for your current and future needs. With projects completed from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, you can rely on our ability to be nimble and flexible in ways that will benefit your project. The bottom-line? We’ll deliver on our promise, and get the job done right.


Learn more about our Energy services below or contact our team of engineering professionals who are ready start building a relationship that will help your organization succeed.

Finley Engineering Energy services include, but are not limited to:

• Transmission
• Distribution
• Substation
• Asset Management

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Relationships are what really matter. Lasting relationships are built with honesty, integrity, commitment and consistency. It is our desire to use our knowledge, skills, and experience to develop lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial and lead to project success.

    • Rural Broadband Becoming More Of A Reality

      With the increasing role of renewables, particularly wind and solar, in providing generation on the nation’s electric grid, there is concern among some that not enough attention is being paid to the continuing role of traditional baseload generation, primarily coal and nuclear, in ensuring the reliability and resilience of the grid…

      Download Whitepaper
    • Ratemaking and Rate Structure - New Paradigms, a Three Part Series

      Until about a decade ago, utility ratemaking and the resulting rate structures were determined in a very traditional manner and tended to be based on very traditional needs that utilities had, which had essentially been the same for decades. These included: the increasing costs of fuel (coal, natural gas, etc.); overall operational cost increases; cost of living wage increases and benefits for employees; the cost of recurring system upgrades; the cost of repairs on non-working equipment; the cost of undergrounding certain parts of the infrastructure to eliminate problems associated with poles and lines; and the cost of expanding the utility’s infrastructure to new areas that needed power, as the result of new subdivisions, urban sprawl, etc.

      View the Presentation
    • “Overlooking Relay Coordination Across Organizations, A Cause For Alarm – Part 2 In A Four-part Series on Protection Engineering”

      In part one of our series we discussed the risk of not updating your relaying system. The effectiveness of any type of ground overcurrent relaying is dependent on having a properly functioning substation ground grid, which will assist in providing a current path from the fault back to the substation. If a high-resistive ground fault occurs on YOUR system, will YOUR breakers or reclosers trip?

      In part two, we discuss relay coordination and the communication that must take place to avoid costly mishaps…

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