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As technologies change, communities grow and customer needs evolve, Finley Engineering has remained successful by mastering the latest practices and staying on top of innovation in the industries of Energy, Telecom, IP Services and Broadband. Download our whitepapers for access to the most current expert information.



Ending the Digital Divide: A Case Study in Fixed Wireless and Bringing Better Broadband to Underserved Communities

Several small and rural communities throughout the US are full of hard-working proud people who enjoy the rural lifestyle and the quality of life it enables. But unfortunately, they also experienced a reality that is all too often part of the fabric of too many rural communities across the country — lack of quality high speed broadband service for all its citizens.



5G Whitepaper

  5G: It Will Be Here Before You Know It
Activity regarding the next generation of wireless, 5G, is building significant momentum. Several tier one carriers have already announced pre-standard trials and there are projections that 5G will be widely available by as early as 2020 – just 3 ½ short years away.

There are applications for both fixed and mobile broadband in 5G, with the fixed wireless broadband option expected to arrive first. The arrival of 5G creates a variety of implications for wireline and wireless providers alike, including backhaul opportunities, competitive factors, and spectrum management.

 partnership implications    Partnership Implications for Municipal Broadband

A growing number of municipals and local government affiliated entities are exploring the role of broadband in their respective communities. Many are choosing to facilitate the upgrade of existing networks or even building and operating new broadband networks. This whitepaper outlines and discusses this growing trend and offers insight into potential partnership opportunities presented to existing broadband service providers.


 andy article  

Why worry about having a communications cable located?

Why worry about having a communications cable located? Andy Heins, senior consultant with Finley Engineering, penned an article for “Damage Prevention Professional” that you may want to share to promote awareness.


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Switch Consolidation: Is the Time Right?

In today’s telecommunications marketplace, the need for efficiency, scalability, and cost containment have never been more important. The ongoing transition to an all IP network and the changing regulatory environment demands that local telecom service providers, especially smaller regulated rate-of-return providers, examine their network to determine how they can streamline operations to increase efficiency and profitability. One good candidate to explore is switching.



Gigabit Networks: Giga-Real or Giga-Hype?

You can’t get through a day in our world without mention about the Gigabit network. Is the Gigabit network a future reality? Or is it all hype? Actually, it’s a little of both.



Encounters of the HD4K Kind

One of the most recent advances in the television industry is HD4K TV. HD4K will have a major impact on the network, especially the copper network. Steve Senne, P.E. for Finley Engineering discusses the affects anticipated on the telco industry.



Getting to Operational Excellence: Ten Questions

How is your organization positioned to deliver operational excellence? There are some simple questions to answer to assess if you are in the position to proactively prevent issues as opposed to reactively putting out fires. Download our free whitepaper and answer these 10 questions. Are you achieving Operational Excellence?



Cybersecurity For Telecos

Cybersecurity has always been an important issue for telcos, and is becoming more so as a result of an increasing number of threats and increasingly more complex and serious threats. An Executive Order is also around the corner, and legislation is continually on the plate in Congress.



FTTH Engineering and Installation Introduction

Grounding and bonding. Why are we worried about such an “old school” concept in the modern world of broadband? In my research for this topic, I have reached the conclusion that just about everyone has an opinion about grounding and bonding, and most are wrong!



Extending the Life of Copper Based Broadband

Grounding and bonding. Why are we worried about such an “old school” concept in the modern world of broadband? In my research for this topic, I have reached the conclusion that just about everyone has an opinion about grounding and bonding, and most are wrong!



Knock Knock, 802.11AC is Calling

802.11ac is the emerging IEEE wireless networking standard that could change broadband service businesses significantly. While this may come in part through higher capacity and higher performance outside plant wireless access networks, the real game-changer for many providers will be inside their customers’ homes.



The Shift from TDM Networks to IP Networks: Why it Won’t Happen Overnight

It’s no secret that there is a significant trend related to the growth of IP (Internet Protocol) networks, as well as a serious movement toward making IP the de facto network. However, the older TDM (Time- Division Multiplexing) networks still exist, which begs the question: If there is a huge push to switch to IP networks, then do TDM networks still even need to exist? Or can and should they automatically be replaced by IP as soon as possible? There are actually a couple of reasons why TDM networks still need to continue to exist, at least for awhile, despite the fact that IP networks are taking over. One reason relates to the technology itself. The other relates to regulatory issues and previous infrastructure investment costs.


  Healthcare Connect Fund: Understanding a $400 Million Opportunity In today’s healthcare arena, high-speed, high-quality broadband access is essential. Most health care providers (HCPs), hospital administrators, nursing staff, clinics and the patients they serve are enjoying the many benefits that high-speed connectivity delivers to the medical fi eld. Some of the advancements that broadband makes possible include electronic medical records (EMRs), telemedicine and home health applications, digital imaging, e-prescriptions and support for robust medical practice/back office management systems, to name just a few.



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