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IoT and the Cloud: Open Interconnect Consortium Releases Open Source Spec

October 12, 2015 By Steve Senne in

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction, some developers see it as a logical candidate for a cloud approach. Success in this area is likely to require standards – and standards body Open Internet Consortium (OIC) is stepping up to establish standards in this area.

The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) recently released its candidate Internet of Things (IoT) specification to the public. OIC founding members include industry heavyweights such as Cisco, GE Software, Intel, Mediatek and Samsung who created the non-profit to accelerate development of open-source IoT interoperability standards, technical specifications and consumer branding. OIC’s roster now numbers more than 500.

IoT and the Cloud

The OIC Candidate Specification 1.0 is the product of the IOC’s IoTivity native cloud IoT architecture development project. It consists of a core open-source development framework, encompassing smart home device, resource type, security and remote access capabilities.

“The IT industry has looked to cloud pioneers to see how they handle millions of mobile devices and interactions, and has learned that only cloud-native design will reliably scale to handle the millions of IoT devices and interactions we expect to see in successful projects,” said Mike Richmond, executive director at the Open Interconnect Consortium, in a press release. “Based on this insight, we developed this candidate specification and are making it available for evaluation by everyone.”

IOC’s approach was to adapt cloud principles for local use with the goal of enabling smooth integration between local and cloud use cases. Developers will be able to start with a local-only approach and scale it without re-architecting it, the IOC said.