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ITU 5G Standards Pursued

November 15, 2016 By Finley Engineering in

Industry members of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) have called on the organization’s standardization branch to pursue a range of ITU 5G standards.

Aiming to boost investment and R&D spanning a variety of 5G application areas, ITU members noted the importance of ITU 5G standards in commercialization of ¨ultra-high-speed transport networks,” IoT, new video technologies, and applications in the context of smart city and community projects and programs.

Potential ITU 5G Standards

Issuing new directives at the World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly 2016 (WTSA-16) in Hammamet, Tunisia last week, ITU members also urged the industry association’s standardization branch to do things to improve ¨digital financial inclusion¨ and promote affordable mobile roaming tariffs, as well as strengthen consumer protection and ICT service quality.

They also called for ITU standardization to support use of cloud computing to record event data from aircraft, vehicles and other connected machinery. 

All told, ITU members adopted 15 new WTSA Resolutions and revised 31. The assembly also revised two of the A series ITU-T Recommendations that guide ITU-T’s work, and approved five ITU standards on subjects including international mobile roaming and Internet Exchange Points.

ITU members elect the teams that will lead the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector’s (ITU-T) expert groups during the quadrennial conferences. Another focal point is reviewing the means ITU-T uses to collaborate with other standards bodies and the companies within the vertical industry sectors applying ICT.

¨ITU-T has emerged from WTSA-16 in a strong position to support the development of the trusted ICT infrastructure essential to the success of smart 5G systems supported by ultra-high-speed transport networks, the Internet of Things and Smart Sustainable Cities,” Chaesub Lee, director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, said in a press statement.