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Mobile Sports Streaming Survey: 33% Intend to Stream NCAA Games on Mobile Device

March 7, 2016 By Finley Engineering in

A mobile sports streaming survey conducted by KRC Research for Verizon illustrates how important mobile viewing has become to sports fans. One third of Americans plan to stream NCAA basketball tournament games on mobile devices, according to the survey.

Nearly half of the population (46%) plans to watch the NCAA tournament this month, researchers found — including more than half of American men (54%) and Millennials (54%).

Mobile Sports Streaming Survey

Mobile devices accounted for nearly one-third of Millennials’ game time views. And 40% used mobile devices to keep track of their brackets.

The popularity of the NCAA Men’s National Collegiate Basketball Championship is sufficient to warrant Verizon rolling out a special promotional offer. Streaming video is data-intensive and can have a significant impact on subscribers data allotments, the company points out.

In a bid to persuade mobile subscribers to switch, for a limited time Verizon is offering those who do up to $650 to pay off their existing mobile device bill or contract. The rebate will come in the form of a prepaid Visa card mailed within 8 weeks of receipt of claim.

In addition, Verizon is temporarily offering those who switch 24 GB of free data per year for life when they upgrade or activate a new mobile phone with payment on a size XL or larger Verizon plan.

Yahoo hosted the first live, free worldwide webcast of an NFL football game last October. The distribution platform Yahoo built not only streamed live game coverage to TV sets and personal computers, but across mobile platforms and devices as well. Besides making use of its own global content delivery network and infrastructure, Yahoo partnered with six other CDNs and ISPs.