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The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed by Congress over 20 years ago. This document mandated that citizens living in high-cost and rural areas should have the same opportunities for high-speed broadband as anyone living in cities or suburban areas.  But still today, there are many rural communities that struggle to provide quality access to their residents. 

Better broadband has a large impact on communities and whether you are a city, county, village or township, broadband is the engine that drives economic growth. We know expanding internet service to underserved communities has its fair share of challenges; ease of deployment, the ability to provide gigabit-level speeds, regulatory issues, grant and loan applications, etc. When it comes to funding, we have experts that specialize in securing funding for your future growth. A successful project is possible when you turn to the experts to guide you through the process. This is where the experience and expertise of Finley Engineering come into play.

Looking to advance your communities’ opportunity for growth? We can lead you in that effort!

Finley strategically plans and develops wireless and fiber networks for all sizes of cities and municipalities. Let us take you to the forefront of the industry by planning innovative fiber deployment that will be compatible not just today, but into the future. There is more to fiber than just broadband connectivity. By planning for the future, we give you the competitive advantage that will help you create growth opportunities for your community through the 21st Century and beyond.

Envision what a high-speed network that provides maximum access and low prices could do for  community. Then envision a company that can take you through the process from the initial feasibility study, planning, construction and through completion.

Finley, helping you create opportunities for economic growth and prosperity.





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