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NG-PON2 Forum Folding into Broadband Forum’s New NG-PON2 Council

March 22, 2017 By Steve Senne in

The Broadband Forum and NG-PON2 Forum have combined forces to form the NG-PON2 Council at what some see as a critical juncture in the development and deployment of next-generation NG-PON2 broadband technology. Interest in NG-PON2 has been rising among operators worldwide as leading organizations carry out lab and field trials with an eye towards accelerating commercial deployments, Broadband Forum notes.

NG-PON2 Council

Working separately but in parallel, both industry associations have been devoting a growing amount of resources towards those same goals. Hence, the folding of the NG-PON2 Forum into the new NG-PON2 Council comes at an ideal time, Broadband Forum said in a press release.

Commenting on the news, NG-PON2 Forum member and director of technology at Verizon Dr. Vincent O’Byrne said: “I see the move of the NG-PON2 Forum into the Broadband Forum as recognition that not only is NG-PON2 technology a maturing technology, but of the industry’s interest in seeing NG-PON2 succeed. Establishing the NG-PON2 Council is an important milestone and a meaningful step for NG-PON2 and the industry.”

Added Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh: “NG-PON2 is at a crucial stage with significant moves beginning to be made by operators in terms of deployments. Ultrafast access is a key component in the future of broadband and NG-PON2 has a role to play in delivering it. The Broadband Forum sees education and positioning for the technology as a key step in its evolution.”

For its part, the NG-PON2 Forum has been working to spur development of a converged optical access network architecture and develop the associated FTTx market. That includes advocating new additions, such as 5G backhaul and fronthaul where appropriate, as well as fostering NG-PON2 enhancements, such as Channel Bonding.

“The focus of the NG-PON2 Forum was always to accelerate the adoption of the technology, a mission that can only be helped by the Broadband Forum’s breadth of membership and stellar reputation in the industry,” stated NG-PON2 Forum president and founder Bernd Hesse. Senior director of technology at Calix, Hesse has been appointed chair of the NG-PON2 Council.

“As the NG-PON2 Forum now becomes the NG-PON2 Council under the Broadband Forum umbrella, I’m proud to still be leading this Council and look forward to informing the world of the boundless possibilities of this exciting technology.”

Additional information and insight into NG-PON2 and creation of the NG-PON2 Council is available in a Broadband Forum video interview with Bernd Hesse and Robin Mersh that has been posted on YouTube.