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OIF Approves Coherent Optics Implementation Agreement

March 2, 2016 By Steve Senne in

Implementing coherent optics on optical transport systems should become easier as the result of a coherent optics implementation agreement (IA) recently approved by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF). Coherent optics boosts the speed of optical networks by offering an alternative to the traditional “ones and zeros” approach to data transmission. The new IA is for a pluggable coherent optics module.

The OIF CFP2 Analog Coherent Optics (CFP2-ACO) IA contains what’s needed to achieve bi-directional polarization of coherent optical signals over pairs of single-mode optical fibers, OIF explains in a press release

The Coherent Optics Implementation Agreement

The CFP2-ACO IA moves the fiber network industry further along its technological roadmap that calls for reducing the size of coherent optics modules. It achieves that goal by moving high-power functions to the line card, thereby permitting optical cooling of the electronics and enabling higher performance line-side applications, the OIF said. That move also increases module reliability, according to the OIF.

“A long life-span for the CFP2-ACO solution is expected by providing optical module vendors a large addressable market,” commented OIF Board member and IA editor Ian Betty of Ciena. “Significant innovation and cost reduction in the coherent optics solutions for Metro-to-Regional reach line-side transport is anticipated with the CFP2-ACO solution.”

OIF members will present live demonstrations of the multi-vendor interoperability of pluggable coherent optics at OFC March 22-24 in Anaheim.