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Listen In On The Pope County Feasibility Broadband Story

December 6, 2017 By Molly White in

Pope County hired Finley Engineering and CCG Consulting to complete a Broadband Feasibility Study for them after being awarded a grant from the Blandin Foundation. Finley worked with the county, community members and potential broadband providers in the process, to provide a comprehensive study with multiple options. One of the area providers, Hanson Communications, further worked with Finley on their Border-to-Border grant to build out part of the area and was awarded their grant in November 2017.

“The greatest advantage to Feasibility Studies is that we work with both the client’s technical and non-technical staff, and often times even the public,” said Mark Mrla, Director of Strategy and Operations for Finley. “That not only forces us to communicate in a universal language, but allows us to hear directly from the general public which can add a whole new dimension in understanding the ultimate end-user needs.”

The process Finley takes, creates opportunity to build a relationship and to much better understand each other.  And once that has developed, it opens the doors to many possibilities. View the video below for more information on the Pope County study.