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Samsung Internet Refrigerator: Has the Kitchen Revolution Finally Arrived?

May 11, 2016 By Molly White in

Sour milk, food stains on cookbooks and running out of butter could be relics of the past if the technology in a new Samsung Internet refrigerator catches on.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, introduced May 5, has a built-in 21.5” LCD touchscreen which, among other things, graphically depicts fridge contents with expiration dates. It also displays recipes from Allrecipes and syncs grocery lists with the homeowner’s smartphone. Family members also can use the touchscreen to display schedules, photos and artwork and to connect to all that’s available on the Internet, Samsung highlights in a press release.

The Samsung Internet Refrigerator

Smart home developers have talked about features such as these for years and Samsung has implemented many of the capabilities that developers have been kicking around.

Located in the lower right quadrant is Samsung’s FlexZone which can serve as either a fridge or freezer by toggling between five customizable temperature settings. Samsung’s Triple Cooling system uses three evaporators and a network of sensors to maintain constant levels of humidity and provide more precise temperature calibration.

Other food organization and management features include:

  • Instacart – The leading national online grocery delivery service, delivering groceries from your favorite stores straight to your door in as little as one hour.
  • Groceries by MasterCard – Order groceries online from leading retailers like Fresh Direct and ShopRite and pay for them through a simple, single check-out with any U.S.-issued credit or debit cards.
  • Allrecipes – Access recipes rated and reviewed by millions of cooks, as well as cooking advice tips and how-to videos.
  • Shopping List – Compile and keep track of your grocery lists, which seamlessly sync between fridge and smartphone.
  • Food Reminders – Use the Family Hub™ screen or your smartphone to drag and drop expiration dates to the image of items inside to know what needs to be used, and by when.
  • Fridge Manager – Easily control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, and check the status of the water filter.

Associated mobile apps make it possible for household members to access the connected refrigerator’s digital command center. In addition, three tiny, high quality cameras inside the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator provide images each time the doors close. These can be viewed via the smartphone app while family members are out shopping.

Other features include:

  • StickiBoard – Keep in touch with family members by sharing multiple calendars, posting photos and writing notes directly on the screen [or with] your mobile device.
  • WhiteBoard – Write notes and draw pictures on the Family Hub™ and through your mobile device to leave messages for your family.
  • Photo Album – Display daily photos and iconic family images for all to see.
  • AccuWeather – Get weather updates with Superior Accuracy while multi-tasking in the kitchen.
  • Web Browser – Surf the Internet using a full browser for all your family needs.

It sometimes seems that consumer electronics manufacturers see the need to include entertainment options in almost everything. And the Family Hub Refrigerator is no exception. The unit can mirror TV shows from Samsung Smart TVs on its screen with audio delivered via built-in speakers. The fridge also can stream music and radio programs via apps such as Pandora.

The unit is also equipped with short range Bluetooth connectivity, enabling household members to stream music via Bluetooth wireless speakers, including Samsung’s Radiant 360 line.

The price for all this functionality: around $6000 for either a black or unpainted stainless steel counter-depth size or a couple hundred dollars less for the full-depth model. The Samsung Internet Refrigerator is now available from major appliance retailers nationwide and online.