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Sigfox Bets Big on LPWAN for IoT, Targets 100 Cities

May 6, 2016 By Steve Senne in

French company Sigfox is betting big on low-power WAN (LPWAN) technology to support the Internet of Things (IoT) here in the U.S. The company plans to expand its LPWAN for IoT footprint to include 100 U.S. cities this year. Sigfox networks already are up and running in 18 countries and connected to more than 7 million devices, according to Sigfox.

LPWAN technology offers longer range and power than cellular technologies. Its bandwidth is lower than what cellular can provide but IoT applications typically don’t require high bandwidth.


Sigfox has partnered with site owners whose properties include wireless communications towers, rooftops and billboards. Collectively, they give Sigfox access to more than 230,000 installation sites nationwide, more than it will need to realize its 100-city IoT network expansion, management elaborates.

“The U.S. is a huge growth market for Internet of Things connectivity, especially in smart cities, utilities, shipping and agriculture sectors that require large-scale and cost-effective communication,” Sigfox North America president Allen Proithis was quoted.

“Our partnerships with these site owners enables SIGFOX to leverage existing sites to rapidly deploy our out-of-the-box connectivity solution in the U.S. market. SIGFOX’s low-cost Internet of Things connectivity complements cellular networks, and allows billions of additional devices to participate in the benefits of IoT.”

Previous Sigfox LPWAN for IoT announcements included:

  • On March 31 Sigfox announced it’s working with Microsoft to integrate its Sigfox Cloud with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. 
  • The French IoT network specialist is also working with the City of San Francisco to deploy Cloud-centered LPWANs capable of providing low-cost, energy-efficient two-way communications for Smart City projects and businesses. 
  • Last month, Sigfox announced it’s deploying an IoT network in Brazil. The project marks the presence of Sigfox networks on all seven continents, management pointed out, a milestone in its bid to construct and operate a seamless, global network that provides ¨ubiquitous connectivity for billions of objects.¨
  • Sigfox is deploying satellite technology developed by Eutelsat Communications to enhance service levels on its fast-growing IoT network infrastructure. 

IDC forecasts the installed base of IoT devices in North America will balloon and reach 7.5 billion units by 2020, making it the third-largest regional market in the world. That goes for regional IoT-related market revenues as well, which IDC expects will surge to total $1.9 trillion.