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Social TV Survey: As Many as 77 Million May be Participating

April 28, 2016 By Steve Senne in

Nearly three in ten U.S. Internet users (29%) have used social media to vote, post, share or comment on TV content, according to the fourth edition of Ring Digital’s Social TV Index Tracking Survey. That suggests as many as 77 million TV viewers could be engaging in Social TV activity, up 63 million, or 4.4%, from a year ago, researchers said. 

Ring Digital found that approximately 57 million viewers actively engage in Social TV activities. But while 16.7% indicated they really enjoyed engaging in Social TV activities, more than 1/3 (34.1%) said they didn’t enjoy it. And more than 1 in 5 (22.7%) expressed ambivalence when asked if they really enjoyed using Social TV to interact with others.

News drama and sports are the most popular Social TV content categories. Nearly half of the survey respondents (48.1%) selected news as the top of five genres of prime-time TV content about which they have voted, posted, shared or commented.

Social TV Survey

Facebook continues to dominate the ranks of the most popular social TV networking platforms, according to the Ring Digital social TV survey. Just shy of 86% of survey respondents said they had posted TV-related comments on Facebook. Twitter (21.6%), YouTube (21.2%), Instagram (17.4%), SnapChat (15.4%) and Tumblr (6.6%) followed.

Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and YouTube are now close to each other when it comes to their popularity among those who engage in Social TV activities, Ring Digital highlights in a press release.

“The results reveal the strength of Twitter as a core news platform. Journalists, bloggers and athletes use Twitter as a next-generation newswire,” Ring Digital founder and president Brian Ring stated. ¨For these users, Donald Trump has done a great service to the social media community by cementing the useful role that Twitter plays in news dissemination, even if the corporate team at Twitter continues to believe they can create a mass media juggernaut that competes head-to-head with Facebook.”

Ring also zoomed in on Twitter’s success as a mobile-first era platform for breaking news. “For eighteen months, Twitter has been declining as a platform that is used to vote, post, share or comment about something on TV. I expected that to continue, so this turnaround was a surprise. However, as I dug more deeply into the data, at least one explanation became clear: News, Politics & Donald Trump.”