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Streaming is Not Just About Netflix, Audio Sees Impressive Growth

May 4, 2015 By Finley Engineering in

Video isn’t the only OTT application impacting bandwidth. A similar over-the-top phenomenon also is happening in the audio world, as new research from Triton Digital highlights. Customers are increasingly enjoying music and Internet radio, and expecting broadband service providers to deliver a good listening experience

According to the latest edition of Triton Digital’s monthly Top 20 Ranker market data service, the average number of active streaming audio sessions (AAS) in the U.S. for March 2015 came in 41 percent above that of a year ago. Mobile listening saw a particularly sharp increase, rising to represent 73.7 percent of all the audio streaming Triton tracked in March.

“Mobile listening is a huge contributor to online growth this year,” said Webcast Metrics’ General Manager and Chief Compliance Officer Rob Favre in a company news release.

In contrast, the latest Tracker reveals that desktop audio streaming continues to decline. According to Triton, desktop audio streaming dropped 5.7 percent in 1Q’15 as compared to the year-ago quarter.

Key findings from the March 2015 Ranker include:

  • Total listening for clients measured in March 2015 showed 4,260,886 AAS during the Domestic Monday-Friday 6:00AM-8:00PM (M-F 6A-8P) daypart, and 3,603,593 AAS during the Domestic Monday-Sunday 6:00AM-Midnight (M-Su 6A-Mid) daypart;
  • Compared to March 2014, AAS within the Domestic U.S. grew by 40.8 percent (M-F 6A-8P) and 45.8 percent (M-Su 6A-Mid);
  • Mobile listening continued its gradual upward trend, representing 73.7 percent (M-F 6A-8P) of total listening in March 2015, compared to 26.3 percent on desktop;
  • During the M-F 6A-8P daypart, 37 percent of listening took place on an iOS device, followed by Android (31 percent), Google Chrome (8 percent), and Flash Player (9 percent);
  • Of the top 20 markets, Denver showed the largest listening gain with a 13.6 percent increase in AAS (M-F 6A-8P), followed by Philadelphia (9.7 percent), Salt Lake City (8.8 percent), Detroit (8.2 percent) and Tampa (8 percent).

Triton Digital’s Ranker service tracks and measures clients’ audio streaming and comes up with a list of the top 20 digital audio stations and networks using the Webcast Metrics audience measurement platform, which is accredited by the Media Rating Council.