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Survey: 75% See Smart City Benefit

October 10, 2017 By Andy Heins in

Smart cities are a winner with consumers – especially those who skew a bit younger, according to a study about smart city benefits released by three organizations at Smart Cities Week.

The survey gathered insights and opinions from more than 500 consumers. When educated about the benefits of smart cities, three-quarters of respondents said that they expect smart cities to have a positive impact on their lives. Only 3% thought that the impact will be negative. Respondents also suggested that the impact will be felt relatively quickly.

The survey was conducted by Silver Spring Network and the Power Over Energy initiative in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Advanced Grid Research. 

Smart City Benefits

“In speaking with city leaders across the globe, we have found that understanding the needs and wants of their citizens around smart city technology is of utmost importance. Our findings will help bolster the efforts that cities and utilities are championing, such as smart street lights—the most well-known smart city application—and reducing pollution and public safety, identified as the top two benefits of smart city technology in the study,” Dan Evans, Senior Director – Smart Cities and Street Lighting, Silver Spring Networks, said in a press release.

Other findings from the survey:

65% of participants are interested in living with smart city technology.

  • Positive sentiment for smart cities is highest among millennials (83%) vs. those in the 65+ age group (60%).
  • 50% of participants expect smart city technology to directly impact their daily life within the next 3 years. 
  • Smart street lights are the most well-known smart city application; public safety is considered the most important benefit of smart street lights.
  • Reducing pollution and improvements to public safety were considered the top two benefits, respectively, of smart city technology.

Earlier this month, Silver Spring entered into an agreement to be acquired by Itron. The $830 million deal is expected to close late this year or in early 2018.