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  • Tennessee to Allow Co-op Broadband

    April 20, 2017 By  in Energy

    Tennessee lawmakers are lifting restrictions on electric cooperatives so they can deliver broadband internet service to their members. “Today is a great day for rural Tennesseans,” said Dan Rodamaker, president and CEO of Gibson EMC in Trenton, Tennessee, following the April 10 passage of legislation to facilitate rural broadband. “With the passage of the Tennessee…

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  • Co-ops Get $3.6B in Power Loans

    November 10, 2016 By  in Energy

    Ending National Cooperative Month with a big-dollar announcement, the Department of Agriculture said electric cooperatives are in line for nearly $3.6 billion in loans to upgrade their systems. “For 80 years, rural electric utilities have provided reliable and affordable electricity to help rural communities increase productivity and build stronger economies,” Agriculture Secretary Tom┬áVilsack said in…

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