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Travelers and Smartphones: 97% Use Them to Enhance the Experience, Says CTA

November 4, 2016 By Molly White in

Nearly all American smartphone owners (97%) use their devices to enhance their travel experiences, according to new market research about travelers and smartphones from industry association CTA (Consumer Technology Association). That includes using the devices for search and discovery, directions, taking photos or videos, and staying in touch with family and friends.

Smartphones (64%), digital cameras (61%), tablets (27%), and laptops (17%) were the consumer electronics (CE) devices survey respondents cited as those they use most frequently while traveling.

In addition, nearly half said they prefer customized travel experiences and are willing to share personal information with travel providers to help create more customized experiences. Furthermore, more Americans than ever are using smartphones and other CE devices prior to embarking on their journeys, using them to assist in vacation planning.

Travelers and Smartphones

“Consumers recognize technology as a powerful vacation tool that can help plan and enhance the experience – leading companies will increasingly reduce technology intrusiveness and complications by weaving technology into the vacation experience so seamlessly that it recedes into the background,” commented B. Joseph Pine, an author who coined the term the ¨experience economy.”

CTA categorizes eight in ten U.S. travelers (81%) as ¨Doers” who value experiences more than possessions, according to the report. Another 9 percent are classifed as ¨Havers¨ who value possessions more highly, while 10 percent value both equally.

Time with family and friends (40%), experiencing new cultures (28%), visiting new places (22%), and adventurous experiences (14%) were cited as the most valuable travel experiences.