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UNH-IOL Open Networking Integrator’s List Targets Data Center Operators

October 19, 2015 By Molly White in

Service providers that operate their own data centers could find the job of operating those data centers a bit easier now that the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) has released the Open Networking Integrator’s List, which according to UNH-IOL is an industry first. The list provides the only independently vetted public directory of networking products based on Open Compute Specifications, UNH-IOL highlights in a press release.

During the event, UNH-IOL also announced the launch of the UNH-IOL Open Networking Test Services Consortium, which aims to coordinate ongoing interoperability testing.

The UNH-IOL Open Networking Integrator’s List

Introduced during the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation Engineering Workshop sponsored and hosted by Fidelity Investments and UNH-IOL in Boston, the Open Networking Integrator’s List includes products that successfully completed interoperability and conformance tests performed at the laboratory’s most recent Open Networking Plugfest. Included on the list are network operating system (NOS) software, 10G and 40G switches, optical modules, active optical cables and direct attached copper cables. Participating companies included 3M, Accton Technology Corp., Cumulus Networks, FlexOptix, HP and Mellanox Technologies, among others.

“There is a large community of vendors that believe in open networking and are willing to prove their interoperability in an open fashion,” OCP Networking Project co-chair Carlos Cardenas was quoted as saying.

“The results of everything happening here will alter the networking industry by improving customer confidence and increase adoption of open networking.”

The OCP Foundation was created in 2011 by Facebook and tasked with sharing innovative, highly efficient data center designs. The organization’s roster of companies now numbers 150, with work allocated among eight working groups, one of which is the OCP Networking Project, UNH-IOL explained.

Fidelity has been supporting the Open Compute Foundation since the beginning. “We value the collaboration, insights and solutions we have garnered from our involvement with OCP,” Fidelity Investments’ head of Integrated Engineering Bob Thurston stated.

The Open Networking Test Services Consortium

UNH-IOL’s Open Networking Test Services Consortium is open to product companies and other parties interested in open networking. Members gain access to the UNH-IOL’s vendor-neutral test services and can participate in plugfests, UNH-IOL said.