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Wi-Fi Alliance Launches Wi-Fi Certified Vantage to Make Wi-Fi More Flexible

September 8, 2017 By Steve Senne in

The Wi-Fi Alliance has added Wi-Fi Certified Vantage, which consists of two certifications aimed at enhancing Wi-Fi performance in fluid managed network environments.

The goal is to enhance the resiliency of Wi-Fi networks by making them better able to react to change and to do so in a fast and resource-conscious manner. “Wi-Fi Vantage provides a better user experience with Wi-Fi devices in rapidly changing environments, such as when moving to a new gate in an airport or stepping onto a busy subway platform,” said Edgar Figueroa, the President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, in a press release. “Wi-Fi Vantage enhances the Wi-Fi portfolio to service high-density environments at high performance levels.”

Wi-Fi Certified Vantage

The first of the new certifications is Wi-Fi Agile Multiband. It is aimed at allowing network infrastructure to work in a more granular manner with end user devices as network conditions change. It does this by an exchange of information that enables the AP to guide the devices to a better band, channel or AP. Thus, for instance, a mobile device won’t remain attached to an AP once it is nearly out of range if it is closer to another. Wi-Fi Agile Multiband also speeds quick re-authentications and reduces latency for video and other sensitive applications.

The second element of Wi-Fi Certified Vantage is Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity, which is complementary to Wi-Fi Agile Multiband. This capability optimizes key processes, such as discovering networks, establishing connectivity and roaming between APs attached to the current or a different network, the Wi-Fi Alliance said.

Wi-Fi environments, because they operate in unlicensed spectrum, can be crowded and fractious. The Wi-Fi Alliance aims to improve performance against this backdrop by focusing on Wi-Fi Vantage manageability, mobility and performance.