176M North American 5G Connections

The growth of 5G continued during the third quarter of 2023, both internationally and in North America, according to a report from industry organization 5G Americas and research firm Omdia. The researchers estimated global 5G connections at 1.8 billion as of year-end 2023, including 176 million connections in North America.


The report forecasts 7.9 billion 5G connections globally by 2028.

There were about 22 million new 5G connections in North America at the end of the third quarter. This represented 14% quarter-over-quarter growth.

North America had 26% of the worldwide market share and saw 46% 5G penetration.

North American 5G Connections

The number of 5G and 4G LTE networks are reaching equality in North America, according to the report. It found that there are 17 5G and 18 4G LTE networks in the region.

The pace of North American 5G deployments has been faster than in other parts of the world. Researchers found that there are 712 4G LTE network worldwide and only 296 5G networks. The number 5G networks globally is expected to grow to 438 by 2025.

Worldwide, 537 million 5G connections were added during the third quarter to bring the total to 1.6 billion connections. This represented an increase of 71% in 2023.

To put things in perspective, 5G Americas found that were 922 million 5G connections globally and 108 million 5G connections in North Americas of the end of third quarter of 2022.

“The global 5G landscape shows positive momentum as innovation and collaboration continue to be the mainstays for long term progress,” 5G Americas President Chris Pearson said in a prepared statement. “With the World Radio Conference wrapping up, it is important that international co-operation and efforts continue to ensure that spectrum and technology standards continue to propel this growth.”


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