Finley Engineering is a multi-disciplined organization offering professional engineering, surveying, mapping, environmental and right-of-way services to the telecommunications, electric power transmission and distribution, gas pipeline, cable television, fiber optics, and related industries. Both the management and professional staff of Finley have extensive experienced backgrounds of service to public, private, and governmental organizations.

Finley was established in 1953 in Lamar, Missouri. In addition to this office, FINLEY has permanent offices located in Altoona, WI (established in 1960); Bismarck, ND (established in 1966); Slayton, MN (established in 1971); Minneapolis, MN (established in 2002);  and Lexington, KY (acquired in 2007). In 2010, Finley purchased Bryant Surveying in Joplin, MO and CEI Engineering in Springfield, IL.  Our latest office, Kansas City, KS, was established in 2014. We are also licensed to work in most states throughout the US.

At Finley Engineering, we understand the importance of the qualifications and experience of the personnel assigned for the execution of project tasks. Technical and management personnel offer a unique capability through specialized experience of over 67 years in all phases of engineering, siting, environmental analysis, surveying, mapping, and designing telecommunications and energy projects.

Through this experience, technical and management personnel have become intimately familiar with the requirements, standards, and chronological sequence of all elements of project design and execution as well as the dependence and interrelationship of all project stages. This knowledge is particularly important in the identification of critical issues, situational constraints, the evaluation of viable alternatives, and the implementation of alternatives or mitigating measures to successfully complete the project. Equally as important to the success of any project is that all personnel be sensitive and empathetic to the prevailing local attitudes and concerns of property owners and the general public.

All management, professional, and technical personnel recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining favorable relations among the client, the landowner, and the general public. Right-of-way representatives and technical personnel strive to enhance the client’s relations during all outside contacts while engaged in project activities. Strong, detail-oriented project management at Finley monitor costs and the timely delivery of all projects. We assign competent and experienced technical, scientific, and right-of-way staff throughout the life of the projects. To ensure the highest standards and levels of performance, our on-site management has the responsibility for monitoring personnel, methodologies, and schedule compliance.

Our goal is that each project be delivered on-time and within the pre-determined budget, while meeting the engineering and construction requirements, satisfying the needs of local customers, and being environmentally acceptable.


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