AI Could Enhance Cybersecurity

Though companies are improving their fraud-detection capabilities, hackers also are upgrading their capabilities and social engineering use, according to the Computing Technology Industry Association (ComptTIA). On the plus side, companies see a lot of promise coming from generative artificial intelligence (AI), which should help them manage the growing complexity of cybersecurity.

AI Cybersecurity Enhancements

Among the areas where generative AI is expected to be used in the next two years are monitoring network traffic and detecting malware, cited by 53% of survey respondents; analyzing user behavior patterns (50%); automating response to cybersecurity incidents (48%); automating configuration of cybersecurity infrastructure (45%); predicting areas where future breaches may occur (45%); and generating tests of cybersecurity defenses (45%).

In addition to generative AI, companies have improved their commitment to workforce education, including training for all staff and support for certification of technical professionals, notes the CompTIA report, titled State of Cybersecurity 2024.

CompTIA points out, however, that cybersecurity challenges become even greater as organizations go through digital transformation and tie technology initiatives more closely to business success.

The biggest organizational threats, according to survey respondents, are malware (40%) and ransomware (33%). Slightly further down the list are firmware hacking (31%), IoT-based attacks (31%), hardware-based attacks (31%) and phishing (30%).

CompTIA believes there are critical variables that must be considered to balance the cybersecurity equation. The report identifies trends to watch in 2024 in three areas – people, policy and process.

“Even small gains in satisfaction are welcome, but there is plenty of room for improvement,” Seth Robinson, vice president, industry research for CompTIA, said in a prepared statement. “Businesses have begun to consider cybersecurity as a critical function. The next stage requires a multi-faceted approach of processes, policies, people and products.”

The CompTIA cybersecurity report was based on a survey of 1,156 business and IT cybersecurity professionals in six geographic regions throughout the world.


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