AI for Fleet Management: A Powerful Tool that Must be Deployed Carefully

Telecom and broadband providers may find significant benefits from integrating AI into fleet management, including cost savings and even environmental benefits. But providers should implement AI thoughtfully, according to Info-Tech Research Group.

While AI can optimize resources and enhance decision-making processes, it is a very powerful family of technologies that can cause damage if carelessly deployed, the researchers caution.

Info-Tech has five specific recommendations about how to do it right.

The first idea is to “be intentional.” The idea is to clearly delineate policy, transparency, ethics and accuracy requirements.

The second concept is to “identify embedded AI.” The goal is to recognize and assess AI that comes in products. Info-Tech notes that the integration may not be immediately apparent, directly interactive or configurable. This goal is to enable informed approaches to implementation.

The functionality hidden within products should be identified. The goal of this recommendation is to ensure that functionality aligns “with the organization’s strategic goals and risk management framework.”

The fourth concept is to “fix hallucinations.” Info-Tech suggests development of strategies that manage and minimize risks from misinformation generated by AI. The organization should prioritize safeguards against deceptive practices.

Finally, AI solutions should be trustworthy and personnel should be educated in and committed to responsible use of AI.

The guidance is contained in a research report, entitled “Practical Use Cases for AI in Fleet Management,” which Info-Tech refers to as a blueprint.

“Data is being generated at an exponential rate due to technological advancements, making it nearly impossible for humans to perceive and analyze all the data in a timely manner,” Info-Tech principal research director Kevin Tucker said in a prepared statement. “Fleet managers will increasingly need to use AI if they want to keep up with the exponential growth in demand for scalable transportation solutions and infrastructure.”


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