ATIS, OCF Work to Integrate IoT Standards

ATIS and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to promote technical interworking between OCF and Internet of Things (IoT) standards. Under the terms of the ATIS, OCF memorandum, ATIS and OCF members will cooperate to develop an open source implementation of an interworking proxy to facilitate seamless user access to a wide range of IoT services for commercial products through use of the oneM2M global standards. This is designed to provide a standardized way to create interoperable IoT systems to address both local and wide-area network scenarios.


ATIS has worked to advance adoption of oneM2M standards for the IoT, releasing the OS-IoT software library, which provides developers with a toolkit to access oneM2M capabilities. OS-IoT is a critical resource in helping to boost oneM2M adoption for smart devices and other embedded lightweight applications.

While the starting point for the ATIS-OCF collaboration is based on ATIS’ OS-IoT open source implementation of oneM2M standards, the two organizations’ joint work is expected to expand from there. ATIS and OCF are already in advanced planning to address interoperability concerns including IoT cybersecurity across ecosystems.

“The agreement with OCF reflects ATIS’ commitment to standards to advance the Internet of Things in the broadest sense,” said ATIS president and CEO Susan Miller, in a prepared statement. Standardization and interoperability are vital to ensuring the success and security of IoT solutions in sectors spanning telemedicine, the automotive sector, home automation and more.  ATIS is excited to enter into a collaboration that is sure to advance commercial IoT applications in so many industries.”

“The Internet of Things continues to extend its reach across consumer, enterprise and industrial applications – driving the need for a foundation of seamless and secure IoT connectivity,” said John Park, executive director, Open Connectivity Foundation. “In joining with ATIS, we are excited to be making a significant stride toward ensuring IoT standardization and interoperability in the commercial IoT space to support consumer-simple, enterprise-friendly IoT solutions.”


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