Broadband Forum 5G Transport Network Spec and Report Released

The Broadband Forum has released a technical report and specifications on 5G transport networks and network slicing.

The technical report — “5G Transport Architecture and Requirements (RT-521)” — recommends architectures and equipment requirements to create transport networks that support 5G mobile radio access network (RAN) operations.

Transport networks interconnect 5G RANs and are the link between 5G RANs and the 5G mobile core network. Established technologies that can support these crucial links include Ethernet and Ethernet VPN (as specified in Broadband Forum’s TR-350, TR-224 and TR-221). There are emerging technologies from Broadband Forum partners such as IEE 802, ITU-T SG 15 and IETF.

“5G cannot perform without the support of well founded transport networks. These transport networks must be prepared to support the vast number of use cases and services that can be realized with 5G with features including higher capacity, enhanced performance, and high reliability,” David Sinicrope, Broadband Forum’s Access and Transport Architecture (ATA) Work Area Director, said in a press release. “The publication of TR-521 provides a functional reference architecture, and equipment requirements for transport networks supporting 5G fronthaul and backhaul. It benefits both operators in specifying what is expected of the transport equipment they procure and transport equipment vendors in deciding what to implement and how it will be used.”

Broadband Forum 5G Transport Spec

The specification is “Mobile–Transport Network Slice Instance Management Interfaces (MMI) (TR-522).” 5G end-to-end slicing requires multiple logical self-contained networks to ride atop a common physical infrastructure platform. Therefore, the 3GPP management systems must be aligned with the corresponding transport network management to ensure the desired performance, functionality and connectivity requirements are fulfilled, according to the Broadband Forum.

TR-522 addresses this need. It focuses on the interfaces between the 3GPP Management System and the Transport Network Managers. It defines interfaces to support the configuration, assurance, monitoring and reconfiguration of 5G network slices in 5G networks. Both specifications were created in the Broadband Forum’s Mobile Transport and Routing Project Stream within the Access & Transport Architecture (ATA) Work Area.


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