Broadband Forum Standard Targets Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment

The Broadband Forum recently released new standards focused on Quality of Service (QoS) of optical access systems. The Broadband Forum dynamic bandwidth assignment standard represents a milestone for 5G by accelerating the time-to-market for time-critical applications, the forum said.

Broadband Forum Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment Standard

The new standards for the modularization of the Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment (DBA) function designate an Application Programming Interface (API) to replace the DBA software module. The API enables access systems to quickly provide a wide range of services, including support for 5G fronthaul interfaces and services for business users.

The new standards include a pair of technical reports, TR-402 and TR-403. TR 402 provides an overview of the modularization of the DBA function, including a use case regarding accommodation of base stations for 5G mobile systems over an optical access network, while also specifying the functional requirements of the API. The second technical report specifies details of the API, including format and performance requirements.

Helping develop the proposed use cases of the DBA software module and developed the API specifications as international standards within the Broadband Forum were NTT and Chunghwa Telecom.

“These technical advances will enable carriers to use a common access system for a diverse range of services including the accommodation of base stations for 5G mobile systems, which place strict requirements on acceptable latency thresholds,” said Jun Terada, General Manager at NTT Access Network Service System Laboratories, in a prepared statement. “Although DBA, which requires high-speed processing in the region of sub-milliseconds, was thought difficult to modularize due to its time critical nature, it is a crucial function that significantly impacts QoS in optical access systems. We believe that the widespread use of the API as an international standard will lead to the drastic expansion of the application area of optical access systems.”


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