Caney Valley Electric Company

Caney Valley Electric Cooperative operates on a total of 1740 miles of transmission and distribution lines in Southeastern Kansas. This project developed as a result of a devastating Ice Storm.


Finley Engineering mobilized crews to access damage immediately after the ice storm, assisted in preparation of staking sheets to rebuild severely damaged areas, prepared submittals to FEMA for federal emergency assistance, prepared designs to mitigate risk and damage control for future events, and managed contracts for FEMA repairs. Finley also provided services such as permitting, centerline and level survey, design, material specifications, contract documentation, and project management for 150 miles of 12.47kV wood distribution plant.


Caney Valley Electric Cooperative had a successful and productive working relationship with FEMA throughout the restoration process and a critical transmission line was replaced in time for peak load season.

When Caney Valley Electric Cooperative was hit once again with a second ice storm within two years of the first, Finley Engineering was there to assist and once again successfully worked with FEMA to secure the Cooperative’s fair portion of the dedicated assistance. Presently, FEC is working with Caney Valley on a third ice storm that affected the Cooperative in March 2009.


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