Everybody’s Doing It: 87% of Providers are Implementing AI, Report Finds

Nearly 90% (87%) of communications service providers are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations by, for example, conducting proof of concept initiatives, according to new research conducted by Analysys Mason for Nokia.


Fifty-seven percent of providers surveyed have deployed AI to the point of production.

Communications service providers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will help them in many ways but face a challenge in gaining access to the high-quality data sets necessary to most effectively use AI, according to the survey.

The providers believe that AI will improve network service quality and customer experience, spur growth and help optimize energy use.

A key challenge to realizing these goals is providing the AI systems with data that is up to date, complete and accurate. According to the survey, which is based on responses form 84 providers, legacy systems with proprietary interfaces can prevent access to high-quality data sets.

Almost half of tier 1 respondents ranked data collection as the most challenging element of the telco AI use case development cycle. Only 6% of the CSPs believe that they have reached the most advanced to zero-touch automation in which AI and machine learning algorithms manage and improve network operations.

“AI has a crucial role in driving step changes in network performance, including cutting carbon footprints,” Andrew Burrell, the Head of Business Applications Marketing, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, said in a press release.

Providers, he said, “are aware of the challenges of more deeply embedding AI into their operations and, as this research points out, the steps they can take to positively alter that situation.”

One of the steps that the providers recognize is the need to build “the right ecosystem of vendor partners with the right skillsets that can better cater to their network needs,” Burrell said.


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