FCC Implements New Broadband Data Collection Rules

New Broadband Data Requirements

The FCC will soon ramp up the requirements for the collection of accurate, location-specific data of where broadband service is available.  Data collection for service providers will begin on June 30, 2022.  The new mapping data will be submitted in the form of shape files to define where ISPs have active customers or are capable of implementing a request for new service within ten working days. Every ISP in the country is to create and submit these maps by the due dates. 

Make sure you are prepared!  The $42.5 billion BEAD grant program will be based on FCC data maps. Dates may be changed and the FCC is likely to require that new mapping information be filed sooner. This mapping is expected to be the basis of future state and federal funding mechanisms so it is critical for ISP’s to provide accurate and timely data. Finley can help get the job done accurately and quickly. Contact Us >>>


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