FCC Speed Test App Updated, Supports Measuring Broadband America Program

The Federal Communications Commission has updated its speed test app, which enables users to test their Wi-Fi network and cellular performance for upload and download speeds, packet loss, latency, and jitter.

The new app, which has been updated to work with the latest operating systems from Apple and Android, is available from the Apple App store and Google Play.

To allay consumer privacy concerns, the FCC said the app doesn’t collect any personal or uniquely identifiable information.

The FC notes the speed test app is an essential element to its mobile Measuring Broadband America program. The program is designed to help the FCC evaluate the national characteristics of broadband service capability by conducting and making public periodic surveys of broadband performance in the residential market.

The data provides information to the FCC to help it make policy decisions, including important decisions about 5G and funding through various programs.

“This new and improved app is an important tool that will empower consumers to collect information about the services they are receiving,” said Monisha Ghosh, FCC chief technology officer, in a prepared statement “These improvements will build on the success of this effort over the years and help the FCC bridge the digital divide.  The app has also been updated to collect information about 5G networks to help inform the agency in its work on next-generation wireless services.”


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