Four Companies Achieve Tech Breakthroughs Toward 6G

Four companies jointly claim to have developed a “top-level” wireless device capable of supporting 6G network speeds, which they say is a substantial breakthrough.

The four businesses — DOCOMO, NTT Corporation, NEC Corporation and Fujitsu Limited — have been conducting research and development on sub-terahertz bands since 2021. The R&D has resulted in development of a wireless device capable of 100 Gbps transmission in the 100 GHz and 300 GHz sub-terahertz bands for distances reaching 100 meters when the transmitter and receiver are facing each other in a straight line with no obstacle between them.

That speed is approximately 20 times faster than the maximum 5G network data rate of 4.9 Gbps, according to the companies.

6G Breakthrough

6G is expected to support exceedingly challenging use cases such as ultra-HD video streaming and real-time control of autonomous vehicles. The sub-terahertz band from 100 GHz to 300 GHz is expected to play a key role.

The press release suggested that there will be challenges.

“Compared to 28 GHz and other millimeter bands used in current 5G systems, the much higher frequencies of the sub-terahertz band will require entirely different wireless devices that are now being developed from scratch,” the companies said in a press release. “To be successful, this effort will need to overcome several key challenges, such as determining the specific performance requirements of wireless devices operating in the sub-terahertz band, and then actually developing such devices.”

According to the joint announcement, the companies have achieved several things that have not been done before, including:

· 100 Gbps transmission over a distance of 100 meters in the 100 GHz band (according to NEC);

· 100 Gbps transmission over a distance of 100 meters in the 300 GHz band (according to NTT);

· and the world’s highest power efficiency in a high-output amplifier (according to Fujitsu).


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