Broadband Industry Innovator Video Series

Finley Engineering and Telecompetitor have partnered to bring you a new Broadband Industry Innovator series to gain insight into the fast moving broadband marketplace.

Part 4 of 4

Prepare to step up your game to win state broadband funding: In our fourth installment of Telecompetitor’s Broadband Industry Innovator video series, Bernie Arnason with Pivot Group LLC, speaks with Mark Mrla, Director, Strategy Operations at Finley, about state run broadband funding programs.

Part 3 of 4

Chris Konechne, Project Engineer with Finley Engineering, discusses one of the hottest topics in broadband today, CBRS. CBRS is on the rise due to the unlimited possibilities of what you can do with the band. Now that the auction is complete, Finley is working with clients to strategically plan their transition, implement and rapidly deploy these networks. Find out more about CBRS, why it is considered the “sweet spot”, how it can be used and what it means for the industry today.

Part 2 of 4

Sean Middleton, Director of Strategy and Operations with Finley, and Bernie Arnason with Pivot Group LLC, discuss the growing number of electric cooperatives who are moving into broadband. Sean has a unique background in both electrical engineering and working for a cooperative that dove into broadband head first. View Sean’s analysis of the industry, where it is headed and if you are an electric cooperative, why you would want to get into the business.

Part 1 of 4

In this interview, Bernie Arnason, Principal with Pivot Group LLC, speaks with Mike Boehne, CEO and Ben Humphrey, VP, both of Finley Engineering, to discuss the momentum we’re all feeling in the rural broadband industry. A lot of that momentum is fueled by rural broadband funding programs like RDOF. Mike, Ben, and Bernie talk about the impact of programs like these and additionally, we highlight the expanding agricultural IoT opportunity.


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