Finley is an independent provider of energy engineering services. We know the future of energy systems and have the expertise to deliver proven methods for reducing utility costs, and accurate techniques for estimating project costs and energy savings. We also understand the telecommunications industry in great detail and as such, can help utilities innovate with substation, transmission, and distribution automation in ways our competitors simply can’t match!

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Energy transmission and distribution is at the core of Finley Engineering’s success. Since 1953, our engineers have taken pride in designing, engineering, and overseeing construction of electrical power systems to serve customers in the 21st century.

Our professional designers, engineers, and project managers do not have predetermined solutions for your complex energy needs. We listen to your concerns and explore all options to create a customized engineering solution. Networks are often implemented to meet the current most critical demands, rather than being designed from the ground up with a lifecycle solution approach. We ensure that your network is optimized to meet the needs of current and future applications.

With projects completed from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, you can rely on our ability to be nimble and flexible in ways that will benefit your project. The bottom-line? We’ll deliver on our promise, and get the job done right.

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