Finley brings decades of expertise to the right-of-way and permitting process, surveying and environmental analysis. We understand and appreciate that every property is unique. Our team is a forward-thinking, passionate group of engineers that focus on balancing the needs of the client with the importance of environmental safety.

Finley Engineering approaches every project with an understanding of your needs for timelines, accuracy, and confidentiality. Our core experience is in providing telecommunications and utility companies Land Surveying, Right-of-Way and Permitting, and Environmental services. With a broad range of professional backgrounds in civil engineering, planning, land surveying and construction management, our highly experienced professional staff offers a wide range of services necessary to avoid needless project setbacks.

Since 1953, our open communication approach has been a key component to every project. This relationship-based, detail-oriented approach results in better cooperation among all parties including planning and zoning, land owners, community development, engineering and public works departments. Count on our dependable team of survey, engineering, and environmental consulting professionals to develop a custom solution to your needs. We integrate all of our technical expertise to develop a project plan and meet your exact specifications as well as the strict standards of all local, state, and federal agencies.

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Dig a little deeper

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