Jade Communications, Alamosa, CO

Finley would like to congratulate Jade Communications in Alamosa, CO, for their continued effort of broadband expansion in the San Luis Valley. Jade has successfully funded several stages of this expansion with the use of grant funds. Finley Engineering assisted Jade with the application and funding process, most recently with Colorado DORA Grants.

For the last 3 years, Jade has been working towards bringing  better broadband to 10+ small town communities that were/are underserved and unserved. Jade is very innovative, listening and reacting to customer needs, then building where there is the most demand. Jade and Finley are now working on another grant for the continued extension of this project. In return, Jade is seeing take-rates explode as they continue to build. Congratulations to Jade and their community on securing future economic growth and prosperity, by working together for better rural broadband.


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