Just as We Get Used to 4K TV, Here Comes 8K


8K TV Forecast to be in 72M Homes by 2025

Despite a slow start last year, there will be 72 million 8K TV homes worldwide by 2025, according to Strategy Analytics. The upward trending will begin this year, when more than 1 million of the TVs are expected to be sold.

There were two primary reasons that fewer than 350,000 8K TVs were sold last year. On one hand, prices continue to be high, which led consumers to delay buying decisions in hopes that that the devices would become less expensive.

On the other, 8K TVs did not receive the expected exposure at high profile events, such as the Olympic Games, which were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said Senior Analyst, Connected Home Devices Edouard Bouffenie of market research firm Strategy Analytics outlined in a statement.

The firm suggests in the report entitled — “Global Ultra High Definition TV Forecast 2012-2025” — that the upturn will be dramatic once it takes hold. After sales of more than 1 million this year, about 4 million will be sold in 2022. North America will be the leading region, with almost 25 million households with at least one 8K TV by 2025.

Screen size is key.

“Long term 8K TV adoption will ultimately be driven by panel supply and the ongoing shift to ever larger screen sizes.” David Watkins, Director, Connected Home Devices for Strategy Analytics said in the statement. “As we saw with 4K, TV panel manufacturers are likely to switch entire production lines over to 8K as soon as it makes financial sense to do so. This transition will start with the very large screen sizes over 70-inches before trickling down into the 60 to 69-inch and even into some sub 60-inch sizes. By the end of the forecast period anyone looking to buy an ultra-large screen TV will have an increasingly hard time finding one that is not 8K.”

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